Berlin 2002 Conference Papers


Trends of German and European Aerospace Programs including the Awareness of Public Safety and Reliability
W. Guenther, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Germany)

Technology a threat or means of support for the Security of the Citizen at the beginning of this new century
Alois J. Sieber, JRC-Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, EC

German Activities in the Field of Mine Action
W. Hirsch, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin

Report from CEN/BT/WG 126
J.O.Robertz, SWEDEC, Sweeden

Concepts in Reliability Measurement
C. Mueller, U Ewert, M. Scharmach, BAM Berlin; J. Voelker, Siemens Power Generation, Berlin; L. Schaefer, Honeywell, Phoenix; P.T. Wilrich, FU, Berlin

Risk based Lifetime Management (RBLM) and its Demands on Quantitative NDT Reliability
A. Jovanovic, MPA, Universitat Stuttgart

Failure Risk Simulation by Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics and Quantitative NDT
D.D.Cioclov. Fraunhofer IZFP, Saarbrucken

Application of Inspection Reliability Data for Service Life Management
R. Singh, Karta Technologies, Inc. SanAntonio

Use of POD in Inspection Planning and Prediction of Residual Flaw Distributions in the Offshore Industry - Do I need 90% POD
M. Wall, J. Lilley, National NDT Centre, Culham

Inspection Qualification as a Tool to Risk Based ET ISI of VVER Type SG Tubes
L. Horacek, Nuclear Research Institute, REZ

Reliable NDT data for risk based inspection for offshore structures
A. Rouhan, Bureau Veritas, Courbevoie

Optimization of risk/cost ratio for the maintenance of in service components through the assessment of NDT reliability
C. Cappabianca, ENEA Centro Ricerche Casaccia, Rome; C. Ozzano, Ansaldo Ricerche srl, Genova

NDT - strategy for enhancing Mine detection reliability
V. Krstelj, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Zagreb

Accidents and incidents in Humanitarian Demining (HD) the need to correct accurate records for meaningful analysis
A.V. Smith, AVS, Monmouth, Wales

The International Pilot Project for Technology Co-operation (IPPTC) Evaluation of the performance of metal detectors for humanitarian demining
J. Dean, Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, Ispra; Y. Das; D. Lewis; J.H.J. Roosenboom; G. Zahaczewsky

Creating ROC by Altering Classification Rule
D. Antonic, CTT, Zagreb

The mine situation in Croatia and the strategy of CROMAC for reliable mine clearance until 2010
D. Gorseta, N. Pavkovic, D. Antonic, Croatian Mine Action Center, Zagreb

Mechanical Demining Equipment Catalogue
D. Schroeder, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin